Who we are

My background in design and sculpture in Lisbon Architecture University, and my experience as a “interior designer” over the last 18 years, has made the chair as an object always present on my daily work until the day I decided to “deconstruct it.”

The chair emerges then with another function and another name.
António suggested the name: “This is not a chair”, what for me meant the closing of a concept.

Then arises what is less obvious:

· The console table and its derivations

· The headboard for a single person or for a couple

At first, the pieces appeared in my head as unique pieces, as sculptures, then I imagined them in interior design projects and I thought that if they were affordable they could be commercialized so I decided to work the materials and the finishing differently.
And so, we now present here our project. We hope you enjoy it.

See here the project “This is not a Chair”

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